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Smoke Alarms

With most fires in the home starting accidentally it is important the right smoke alarm for your home is fitted.



Smoking is the most common cause of fire fatalities within the home - please follow this advice to stay safe in the home.


CO Alarms

With around 50 deaths a year carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous silent killer and alarms can warn you of its presence.


Home Escape Plan

An emergency escape plan that is practised with your family could save your life, find out how to make one here.


Electrical Safety

White goods, chargers, overloaded sockets..all have the potential to cause accidental fires within your home.



Accidents when cooking do happen even when paying care and attention find out out to minimise the risks from cooking.



One of the most common causes of fires in the home, find out how to use them safely and the available alternatives.


Heaters & Fires

A great way to heat your home or colder rooms within your home but used incorrectly have the potential to cause fire.


Bedtime Checks

Simple fire safety checks before you go to bed can save your life.  Find out here what checks you can carry out.

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