Electrical Safety

When using electronic devices always use the official charger and don’t be tempted to purchase and use cheap counterfeit replicas instead as it is not worth the risk.

Ensure that you replace all damaged cables and chargers.

Make sure all electrical appliances have a British or European safety mark when you buy them.

Don’t overload your sockets - keep one appliance to one plug where possible and use the socket overload calculator to reduce the risk of fire.

Unplug appliances when you are going to bed or not using them.

High powered appliances such as washing machines should have a single plug socket.

If using a cable drum extension lead, it should be completely unwound to avoid overheating.

Electrical Appliances (White Goods)

  • Do not leave your washing machine on overnight or when you go out.

  • Clean the filter on your tumble dryer regularly and remove fluff.

  • Clean behind the fridge and freezer in order to avoid the blocking of air vents.

A list of recalled products is available on the gov.uk Product Recall page.

Give extra care and attention to second-hand appliances, ensure they have been safety checked and are not listed on the product recall register.

Always make sure new appliances are registered so that manufacturers can contact you in the event of any problems – you can do this quickly at registermyappliance.org.uk

Mobile phones & other personal electronics

  • Always use the charger that came with your phone, tablet, e-cigarette or device.

  • It can be difficult to spot the difference in genuine and fake chargers so purchase from a reputable retailer and do not be tempted to go for the cheaper option.

  • Protect batteries against being damaged such as been crushed, punctured are immersed in water.

  • Do not leave items continuously on charge after the charge cycle is complete don’t leave it charging overnight.

  • Never cover chargers or charging devices including laptop power leads in bed or under your pillow.

Electric Blankets

Don’t leave electric blankets folded when storing them over summer months to prevent the internal wiring from becoming damaged.

If your electric blanket is not controlled by a thermostat then unplug the blanket before you get into bed never go to sleep with the blanket kept on.

If your blanket gets wet do not use it and certainly do not switch it on to dry it.

Inspect your blanket regularly and look to replace it every 10 years.

Tips for your smoke alarm

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