Water mist fire extinguishers, also known as 'dry' water mist fire extinguishers due to the microscopic water droplets they discharge, present ground-breaking technology.


These extinguishers are ideal for small kitchens, garages and areas where a foam and powder etc would cause a problem.


The extinguishers have also passed the 35kV di-electrical test and contain de-ionised water (which does not conduct electricity), making them safe to use on live electrical equipment from a minimum distance of 1m.




1L Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

SKU: 000018
  • Ideal for garages, caravans and kitchens

    Non-harmful and non-poisonous to humans and furniture etc.

    Extinguisher Rating 5A, 8B, 5F

    Can be used on class A, B, C, F type fires and live electrical equipment

    No residue after discharge

    100% environmentally friendly

    Safe on live electrical equipment of up to 1000V: 35kV Di-electrical tested and using non-conductive de-ionised water

    CE marked and LPCB Certified

    Supplied complete with wall mounting bracket

    5 Year Warranty

  • Product Code UFSWM1
    Alternative Product Codes JWSWMFEX1PS
    Weight 3.14kg
    Capacity 1.4 litres
    Extinguisher Agent De-mineralised Water
    Discharge Time 12.5 sec
    Discharge Range (min) 1.5 metres
    Temperature Range 0°C to +60°C

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