This ladder is rolled up with a plastic sheet separating the layers.


This allows tangle free, rapid deployment. In an emergency, the ladder is simply clipped into eyebolts that are installed permanently underneath the window.


With the option to purchase additional bolt fitting sets, the ladder can be used in optional locations depending upon the most suitable evacuation location. 

EasyScape Fire Escape Ladder

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£115.95 Regular Price
£110.95Sale Price
Fitting Sets
  • Available in two lengths:

    • 4.3m (14ft) - suitable for two storey buildings
    • 7.0m (23ft) - suitable for three storey buildings

    100% tangle-free design for easy escape

    Unique "eyebolt" and "carabiner" fitting means the ladder can be used for any wall thickness and almost all window types

    Optional timber bolt sets available (suitable for Dormer installations, etc.)

    Small storage size - The EasyScape has no large hooks so requires limited storage space

    Fire retardant backing sheet

    Distance pieces on every 3rd rung ensure a safe foothold for the full length of the ladder

    Rung width 29.2cm (11.5inch)

    Maximum carrying weight: 350kg (771lb)

    Maximum of one person to use the ladder at a time

    Shipping box can be used to store ladder - dimensions (HxWxD): 330x410x410mm

    Manufactured in the UK

  • Weight
    7.0m (23ft) Ladder, 4 x Bolt Sets 11.83kg
    4.3m (14ft) Ladder, 1 x Bolt Set (Standard) 8kg
    4.3m (14ft) Ladder, 2 x Bolt Sets 8.350kg
    4.3m (14ft) Ladder, 3 x Bolt Sets 8.7kg
    7.0m (23ft) Ladder, 1 x Bolt Set (Standard) 10.78kg
    4.3m (14ft) Ladder, 4 x Bolt Sets 9.05kg
    7.0m (23ft) Ladder, 3 x Bolt Sets 11.48kg
    7.0m (23ft) Ladder, 2 x Bolt Sets 11.13kg

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