The Mailsafe anti-arson bag is designed for internal installation on domestic, covering the inside of your letterbox.


The bag collects mail and genuine items that can be removed using the zip at bottom of the bag.


Made from a fire-resistant material, the fire protection bag is also designed to collect any harmful liquids and objects placed through the letterbox and stop an arson attack from risking the safety of the people in the house.

Mailguard Anti-Arson Bag

SKU: 000019
    • Fire-resistant bag constructed from a tough, durable and flame retardant material
    • Solid steel letter plate surround
    • Offers protection for homes, businesses, schools and places of worship, all of which are under increasing threat of arson attacks
    • Large capacity
    • Double zip (can be secured with a padlock)
    • Steel security plate and locking screw
    • Dimensions:
      • Mailbag (HxW): 500x460mm
      • Aperture (HxWxD): 100x385x40mm
    • Protection against the increasing risk of arson attacks
    • Simple to install and maintain
    • Exclusive 5 year Warranty
  • Product Code TSMMFP
    Weight 1.50kg
    Aperture HxW: 100x385mm

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