Built to very high standards the Saf-Escape ladder is one of the most commonly used fire escape ladders in the UK.


The ladder hooks over the wall underneath a window and then the chain ladder is deployed.


To provide you with a good secure foothold while descending distance pieces are provided and should be placed either on every third rung or attached to the rungs directly above and below any windows

Saf-Escape Fire Escape Ladder

SKU: 000012
  • Tangle-free and sturdy fire escape ladder

    Designed for quick & easy deployment

    Conveniently stored in cardboard box with carrying-handle

    Available in 3 lengths and 3 hook sizes:

    • 4.3m (14 ft) for two storey buildings
    • 7.0m (23 ft) for three storey buildings
    • 13.7m (45 ft) for four/five storey buildings

    29.2cm (11.5 inch) rung width

    Rigorously tested to withstand up to 453.5kg (1000lbs) in weight

    Suitable for all standard windows

    Lifetime limited guarantee

  • Weight
    13.7m (45ft), 35 - 45cm (14 - 18 inch) 17kg
    13.7m (45ft), 25 - 35cm (10 - 14 inch) 17kg
    7.0m (23ft), 35 - 45cm (14 - 18 inch) 11kg
    7.0m (23ft), 25 - 35cm (10 - 14 inch) 11kg
    7.0m (23ft), Up to 25cm (10 inch) 10.5kg
    4.3m (14ft), 35 - 45cm (14 - 18 inch) 8kg
    4.3m (14ft), Up to 25cm (10 inch) 7.5kg
    4.3m (14ft), 25 - 35cm (10 - 14 inch) 8kg
    13.7m (45ft), Up to 25cm (10 inch) 16kg

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