Smoking Fire Safety

Smoking is the most common cause of fire fatalities throughout the UK and tragically they are easily preventable by following a few easy steps.

Tips for smokers

Where possible smoke outside extinguishing the cigarette fully before re-entering the house.  If smoking indoors ensure the cigarette has been fully extinguished once finished.

Never smoke in bed and try to avoid smoking in chairs and on sofas especially if feeling tired.

If taking prescription drugs, tired or under the influence of alcohol take extra care when smoking and where possible smoke outside.

Do not leave lit pipes or cigarettes unattended. 

Use heavy ashtrays which do not tip over and stub cigarettes out properly.

Don't balance cigars or cigarettes as they can fall burn surfaces and cause a fire.

When emptying ash trays into bins ensure all cigarettes, cigars etc are fully extinguished and not still hot. Wetting them before throwing them away is a good idea.

Never smoke close to medical oxygen you may have in your home and if using paraffin-based emollient creams ask for non-flammable alternatives instead – this is a good idea whether a smoker or not.

Additional safety measures such as non-flammable bedding or nightwear can be considered but these should not replace your care and attention to ensuring cigarettes are correctly extinguished.

Thought about quitting?

We are not here to preach about what you do in your own home but the best way to stay safe is to quit.

NHS Smoke Free offers valuable help and support in quitting should you decide this is the best all round option of you and can be reached 0300 123 1044.

If not looking to quit just yet E-Cigs are a safer alternative to traditional smoking materials but still carry risks of their own.

Electronic Cigarette (Vape) Safety Tips

  • Only use the battery and charger provided with the e-cigarette.

  • Avoid leaving vapes on charge overnight.

  • Never use a damaged e-cigarette.

  • Never vape close to medical oxygen.

Tips for your smoke alarm

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